World Wide Transportation
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  • Private Jet and Helicopter Travel
  • Hotel, Motel and Lodging
  • Steep Discounts for Bundles



AEG International partners with vendors of service accross the United States and around the world.  We work with our partners to make sure your travel experience is easy and hassle-free.  Wherever possible our vendors offer us discount pricing because of bulk rates, our partnership arrangements, or combinations with other services.  We are therefore always looking for partners with the same dedication to the customer that we have.

Partners and Vendors
AEG International is always moving forward, searching for better accomodations, and carriers with unique services, locations or routes. If you are an owner operator or a vendor of travel or transportation services, if you provide accommodations then please let us know about yourself and your rates so that we can match your service to fill our clients individual needs.
To receive a reply be sure to include your contact person's name, phone number and email address.

Please briefly summarize your service:
ex: Commercial/Private, Limo/Airline, Hotel/Bed & Breakfast, Location and Features

We will contact you for more detailed information and rate schedules.

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