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AEG International invites you to become one of our member customers.  We work with all our customers to make sure your travel experience is easy and hassle-free.  Often our vendors offer us discount pricing based on the number of members we have.  Our plan is to make the travel experience easier by reducing the number of steps to follow and forms to complete.  Our concierge service can add the personal touch and becoming a member can reduce the number of times you are asked for the same information, saving you valuable time.

AEG Members
AEG understands your need for privacy.  Your personal information is protected and never shared.  You can call and talk to an Customer Service Representative to start your membership, or fill out this preliminary form.  No financial information is taken to insure that you feel safe becoming a member.  The information is used to speed things up when you do order service.
To receive a reply be sure to include your contact person's name, phone number and email address.

Please briefly summarize your special needs:
ex: VIP Privacy / Asthma / Wheelchair / Baby etc.

We will contact you via email with a username and password.

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